Leslye Walton on Writing in the Rain

They say write what you know. And when you grow up in the Pacific Northwest what you know is rain. Days that begin and end with grey skies and that misty drizzle we all know so well, the kind that clings to your eyelashes and paints your clothes with its damp dew. Our suede boots are always stained with watermarks, our hallways slick with puddles. A deluge of water, pounding our windows, clogging our drainpipes, so often hinders our sleep. It’s no wonder it seeps it way onto the page. In fact, i

GUEST POST: Leslye Walton talks about magical realism and “The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender”

After I read the gorgeous The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (see my review here), I really wanted to tell everyone about this enchanting unique story and I was therefore  thrilled to welcome when Leslye Walton agreed to write a guest post for Library Mice. You can read more about Leslye Walton on her website and follow her on Twitter. Magical Realism & The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton I’ve always found it easy to suspend disbelief. If my you

Dance Your Cash Off for 826 Seattle

At first glance, the Greenwood Space Supply Company just looks like a lowly purveyor of space travel-related goods. But it has a little secret: it’s part of 826 Seattle. All their proceeds go to their programs, which include drop-in after school tutoring, field trips, in-school programs and writing workshops for youth ages six to 18, all free to public school students. They’ve also published 14 anthologies of student writing, giving 264 talented kids a chance to be a published author.

The Latest | The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas | A nonprofit writing and communications center

Let’s start off with some programming highlights: Hello all, The kids and I really enjoyed our time with all of you yesterday. They checked out almost all of the CYOA books in our library.  The experience also gave them some much needed confidence to create their own writings. Please let all the people know how much I appreciate the time they gave to my students. All of them were so energetic and engaging and the kids loved them. Thanks!

Are Your Vitamins Making You Sick? | Gluten Free Works

Sometimes gluten can appear in strange places; places you’d never expect. When you’re diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or gluten-intolerance, it’s up to you to make sure your toothpaste, the ketchup bottle in your fridge, and even your vitamins don’t contain anything that can make you sick. Some of these products may surprise you. For example, most people wouldn’t suspect their vitamins contained gluten when in fact gluten is a common ingredient in multiple vitamin brands.